How Far Apart Should Floating Shelves Be?

how far apart should floating shelves be

Placing shelves in a room is an important aspect of space design and organization. Properly mounted shelves create a warm atmosphere, make optimal use of available space, and provide easy access to what you store.

One of the most popular choices are floating shelves, which are fixed to the wall and do not occupy much floor space. However, when installing them, the optimal distance between shelves must be considered to achieve a harmonious visual effect and ease of use.

How to properly place shelves in a room: optimal distance for floating shelves

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How To Clean Wire Shelves?

how to clean wire shelves

Wire shelving is an essential part of space organization in your home or work area. They hold all kinds of objects securely in place and save space. Over time, however, the boards can become soiled or covered with a layer of dirt and dust. In this article, we will discuss the best care practices to keep your wire shelves clean and beautiful.

The key to caring for wire shelves is to systematically remove dust and dirt. This can be done with a soft cloth or sponge soaked in water and detergent. It is not recommended to use aggressive chemical methods as they may destroy flat shelves. Shelves should be cleaned with a damp cloth, but do not use large amounts of water.

Properly Cleaning Wire Shelving: Maintenance Best Practices

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How To Cover Open Shelves?

how to cover open shelves

Open shelves are a well-known choice for saving and decorating a home space. They can be used to display books, souvenirs, photos, and other objects. However, there is one disadvantage to open shelves. If not implemented correctly, they have the opportunity to quickly become a source of excitement. In this post, we will look at some ideas for decorating open racks. This will certainly help hide clutter and give a harmonious look to the interior decor.

Ideas for Designing Open Shelves to Hide Clutter

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