How Deep Should a Bookcase Be?

how deep should a bookcase be

Book shelves are usually impractical for home storage. You know what you would like to store on the shelf, but there never seems to be enough surface area. A deep bookcase is a solution for organizing your time and having that last minute bit of space to store those much needed items. Is a practical … Read more

How To Add Doors To A Bookcase?

how to add doors to a bookcase

Libraries are an integral part of many interiors, both functional and decorative. However, if you want to keep your books in perfect condition and protect them from dust and damage, adding doors to your bookcase is the perfect solution.

How to Add Doors to a Bookcase: Simple and Practical Solutions

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How To Add Shelves To A Cabinet?

how to add shelves to a cabinet

Adding shelves to a wardrobe can greatly improve the function and use of that space. However, certain rules and instructions must be followed to ensure that the procedure rolls along smoothly and that the results are durable and comfortable.

How to Add Shelves to a Cabinet: Useful Tips and Tricks

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How Far Apart Should Shelves Be?

how far apart should shelves be

Placing shelves on the wall is an important step in organizing your home or office space. Correct placement of shelves affects not only the functionality of the space but also its aesthetics. This article explains how to determine the optimal distance between shelves and how to properly mount shelves to the wall.

Before you begin placing shelves, you must determine their function and purpose. Shelves for books, tableware, and decorative items require different distances. For example, in the case of bookshelves, it is recommended that the distance between shelves be large so that books do not travel too far or become distorted.

How to Place Shelves on the Wall and How do Choose Optimal Distance Between Shelves?

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